Privacy Policy Sol Casino

Sol Casino cares about the privacy of its players. We use this Privacy Policy to explain what information Sol Casino collects, why it does it, and what choices users have.

What’s personal information

Personal information is things like your name, address, email address, phone number, and other things. When you use a service or try to contact someone online or offline, you may be asked for personal information.

What information does Sol Casino collect?

We may collect information about your device, such as cookies. We may also receive other information such as your IP address, where you are located, what apps you use and how long your battery lasts.

Our services track what you do and see, such as what pages you visit and what searches you perform. We may use this information along with your personal information to make the casino site even more user-friendly.

How we use the information we collect

Sol Casino needs to know your name, home address, phone number, and email. We use this information to provide you with casino services. We get this information when you register or open a gaming account.

The company may use your name or region to tell you about its products or services. We record our customer service phone calls so we can use them for training and security purposes.

The casino may share player information if we sell part of our business. If you would like Sol Casino to stop using your information, please let us know and we will handle the matter.

Security and privacy measures at Sol Casino

We use special software to keep your information secure. We also make sure that people with bad intentions cannot get hold of your information. We have many security measures in place, such as legal, technical, and physical, to make sure no one can steal or change your information.

When you use your credit card, Sol Casino will make sure all your data is safe. Our site and apps may have links to other sites or apps. They may have different privacy policies than ours when you click on them. Make sure you know what those policies are before submitting any information on those sites. We are not responsible for what is on these links.

When you use a casino, it means that you agree to their rules. When you provide us with information, such as when you set up an account, it means that you agree to all of the rules of Sol Casino. If you find these rules unacceptable, do not use the casino.